Facts to Clients

    Unity Managing Underwriters Limited is a privately held company established, that

  • There is no direct or indirect ownership interest in Unity by an insurer or vice versa.
  • We do not hold a direct or indirect loan or financial relationship with an insurer
  • We do not have a network affiliation of a financial or non-financial nature.
  • We do not have any common ownership and an insurer by a financial conglomerate or other holding company or group of companies.
  • We do not deal with any insurers that impose a volume requirement or a mix of business requitement.
  • We do not deal directly or indirectly with any unlicensed insurance company.

Insurance Licenses

Unity Managing Underwriters Limited is licensed in the following provinces.


Province Type License Number
Ontario P&C RIBO 3524
Alberta General 7-6517905-2018
British Columbia General 154588C136041R1
Saskatchewan All Classes other than Life 05429
Newfoundland and Labrador P&C 15-70-UN022-1
Nova Scotia General 17201395900000
Quebec Damage Insurance Registration No. 515796

Life and Accident & Sickness

Province Type License Number
Ontario Life 31102M
Alberta Life 5-6517905-2019
Alberta A&S 6-6517905-2019
British Columbia Life 154588C91420R1
Saskatchewan Life 05429
Newfoundland and Labrador Life 16-78-UN022-1
Nova Scotia Life 18203311900000
Quebec Persons and Group Plans Registration No. 515796


Commission, normally calculated as a percentage of the premium paid to the insurer for the specific policy, is paid to us by the insurer for the distribution and services of the insurance policies. Below is a range of compensation for the lines of business we represent.

  • Professional Liability 15%
  • Travel Insurance 20% - 30%
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection 1% to 35%
  • Life and other products 4% to 25%